3D ohutlevykotelo



Our core competence is in machine- and sheet metal constructions.
We can start from the clients idea and make all phases up to production 
We can also make just some phase on designing process. The simple case can be eg. documentation of existing product for subcotract manufacturing.

We have stae-of-art 3D design tool in use. In addition of product drawings we can produce assembly drawings, parts lists, render pictures for marketing etc.

One of the latest advantages for collaboration with our clients is ability to produce 3D models directly from desing to .pdf formaatiin. It is now possible to view desing in real 3D space by using standard Adobe Acrobat reader. If you like to try this,  just click this file.


We can help in all phases in product life cycle starting from business idea review up to extending the existing product life cycle.
  • Product idea review
  • Product Specification
  • Design
  • Production start - finding suppliers
  • Re-design and cost-reduction by DFMA-methods